Dawn Bradbury

Dawn Bradbury

Dawn Bradbury was the pregnant lady who was in the gym all the time, lifting weights, doing crunches, planks, etc. She had the consent of her OB-GYN and is a certified Personal Trainer so she knew the ACOG guidelines for pre-natal fitness. Boy was she wrong! If only she had known that she was doing the exact opposite of what she intended.

After her third child and third round of major pushing during labor, her doctor made her aware that she had a diastasis recti but told her it wasn’t worth fixing because she wanted another baby. After the birth of her 4th child and endless crunches, planks, and boot camp workouts she now had an 8 finger diastasis recti, umbilical hernia and a belly that still looked pregnant 4 years later. Again, the doctor told her it wasn’t worth treating because surgery was the only option.

The Tupler Technique® was the missing link to restoring her core strength and finally getting rid of that Mummy Tummy and Umbilical Hernia! It was also the answer that most of her pre and post natal clients were looking for. If she had known about the Tupler Technique before her pregnancies she could have prevented the diastasis recti. Anyone can heal a diastasis at any time, it doesnt matter when you were pregnant or if you were ever pregnant at all.

It is Dawn’s mission to empower women with the understanding of how the core actually works and doesn’t work and in turn help shape lots of better bellies in Westchester and beyond!

Dawn is a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Health Coach working in Westchester County, NY